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TRAP: Sensitization Campaign: Experts Workshop: "Air pollution and health impact. New Perspectives and Solutions in a crossborder framework"



At present, air pollution is one of the most significant factors posing threat to the health of individuals worldwide. It is associated with a range of diseases, symptoms and conditions that impair health and quality of human life. According to WHO, outdoor air pollution was responsible for the deaths of some 3,7 million people under the age of 60 around the world in 2012, representing 6.7% of the global disease burden while indoor and outdoor air pollution combined are among the largest risks to health worldwide.

Apart from habitants air quality impacts natural environment and biodiversity. Strategic objective of Transboundary Air Pollution Health Index Development and Implementation (TRAP) project is the creation of an ICT application integrating air quality monitoring with health impact indexes in the participating countries and Cross Border area. The project aims to evaluate current situation regarding air quality in partners’ areas, install air quality monitoring stations and create public health indexes for assessing air quality impact on human health and natural environment.


In the framework of the sensitization campaign which is part of TRAP project, ERFC, as the responsible partner of the related Work Package, is going to organize joint actions for promotion of sustainable methods and activities reducing air pollution and the repsective impact to public health. The Experts Workshop Agenda which is in an early stage, is titled as:


"Air pollution and health impact. New Perspectives and Solutions in a crossborder framework"


The event will take place on 11/12/2018 in Thessaloniki, GR. 


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