MUSE: Local stakeholders discuss about the port museum of Aetoliko

The Municipality of Sacred Town of Messolonghi in co-operation with the European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC) hosted a three-day session for the partners of the project MUSE at the Museum of Engraving Arts “Vasso Katraki” in Aetoliko.


More specifically, the steering committee meeting took place on 27 and 28 September 2018. All the partners (Municipality of Tricase. CIHEAM-IAMB, Port Authority of Corfu, Municipality of Sacred Town of Messolonghi, ERFC) were present.


Photos from the steering committee meeting


The following day, on Saturday 29 September 2018, right after the meeting with the local stakeholders, the partners held a press conference, aiming at presenting to the local community the objectives of the project.

The meeting began with the welcoming speech of the Mayor of Mesolongi, Mr. Karapanos, who mentioned to the great importance of the naval force of the area, which dates back to the 18th century. He also emphasized the richness and importance of fishing tradition, natural and cultural heritage, culinary tradition, gastronomy and the cultural identity of the lagoon and the surrounding area. As he said:  " All this potential can be used to develop actions in the new museum with the involvement of the sensitized local community".

Mr. Petropoulos, President of ERFC, co-ordinated the discussion among the local stakeholders who responded to the invitation.

The representatives of Byron Society, Archaeological-Historical Society of Messolongi, Cultural Association of Aetoliko,non-government organization «PHΑΟΣ», «Roots are Routes» project, Chamber of Commerce of Aitoloakarnania, Commercial Association of Messolonghi, company Biogyps SA, producers of traditional bottarga “Stefos", Nautical Group of Messolonghi, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Sacred Town of Messolonghi, Center for Culture and Art "Diexodos", Tradition-Folklore & Naval Sports association "East" and other active citizens of Aetoliko, after being informed by the partners of the project (Tricase Municipality, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, Corfu Port Authority and mainly, by the organizers of the event, ERFC and Municipality of Messolonghi), discussed about the new port museum presenting some of their ideas.

All participants agreed that the new museum should exploit the potential of the region and all declared their intention to contribute to the promotion of the cultural and natural heritage of the region. The meeting ended with the observation that this event was the kick-off of a series of similar meetings and more local stakeholders will be involved. 

"The port museum is the people, not only the building"


Photos from the meeting with local stakeholders



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